Coworking Medical Office Space: A New Twist on an Old Model

Coworking Medical Office Space: A New Twist on an Old Model

Coworking spaces for medical offices have been around for years now. You can find that many healthcare practices are renting the same building in the same areas, as this allows their patients the ease of access to whatever type of care that they need. However, there’s a new trend in coworking medical office space. Some practitioners are renting just one office only for the timeslot needed for their working hours.


Traditional VS Modern Medical Coworking Space

With traditional coworking spaces, the practices that come first will need to cover the costs of the entire office space. Until each unit is filled up, they will continue to have to pay extra just to have an office. However, with the new model, each practice will only have to pay for the hours or days that they book for. This gives the practice a much-needed freedom. This is also something that an independent practitioner can appreciate as well, as it’s much more affordable and manageable when they can work around their own schedule. Not only that, the rent is always paid based on the weekly uses, this means that there’s no contract or strings attached. If you decide to cancel their service, you can do it on a dime.

It’s a great alternative for up-and-coming doctors to have a place to work without having worry about how they’re going to afford an office. The flexibility is a welcomed addition to any independent doctors and practitioners of any kind.

Plus, if you’re a niche practitioner, you’re likely to benefit from having a space to work according to your schedule. As a niche practitioner, it’s not always easy to find a patient, which is why it’s a good idea to have a working space that you only have to pay hourly for. It’s also an ideal place to form a coalition or even a new practice together as a group of niche practitioners. You can help each other with the referral systems and customer service. This way, you’re forming an alliance that helps you grow together as a unit.


How Coworking Can Help

While it may seem like a perplexing idea, but there are many benefits to be gain from this model. First of all, it allows individual practitioners or small firms to work according to their time and budget without having to pay a flat rate. The firms and practitioners can help each other to cover for the costs of resources and facility, which helps smaller firms to better manage their budgets.

Another reason is that the independent practitioner doesn’t have to answer to or rely on any larger firm for their practices. It allows them more freedom to run their business the way they want to without having to look over the shoulder for bigger companies trying to take a cut from their profits. Smaller medical companies only need to pay for what they need to use and not worry about the hidden fees and unfair charges from renting the medical offices from bigger companies. Not only that, they can get necessary technological and administrative support to these firms to ensure that they are operating at their peak performance.

The top quality medical coworking spaces will come equipped with HIPAA-approved operating theatres, EHR system to track each patient’s record, and an all-inclusive billing and collection options. Some might even offer practitioners marketing aid, patient referral and public relation issues that you need to scale your business.

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