How to Implement In-Office Marketing in Your Practice

While patients are waiting to talk to their doctor, you’ve got the perfect chance to expose them to some in-office marketing for your business. Since they can’t go anywhere else, they are almost guaranteed to see the marketing messages that you are sending their way. The marketing strategies that you can use can be used for upselling services as well as strengthening your brand. Launching in-office marketing is not always focused on increasing sales. Rather, it is about informing the patients about health problems, maintaining the relationships that they have with you, and earning their trust. You can also use it as a communication tool for when you want to share or deliver messages. Here are some tactics for implementing in-office marketing tactics in your practice:

Utilize digital platforms to deliver content

Almost every doctor’s office contains at least one television for the patients. Promoting your office with the help of physical signage and pop-up foldouts can be effective. However, it is a good idea to use digital platforms to attract people from the younger generations. All you need to do is transform the content in the brochures into digital content. A wall with screens is sure to grab the attention of people in the area. You can create the display yourself by mounting at least two televisions next to each other. On the screens, display the services that the office offers. Alternatively, you could advertise any promotions and pricing details. You can even make animated informational content that will be helpful for your patients. Making the move to digital platforms might be costly at first, but it will be worth it in the long run as you don’t have to keep printing out material for new promotions. All you need to do is delete the digital content and put up another one instead!

Use technology to connect with patients via an in-office touchpoint

Contrary to popular belief, yy bringing technology into your office, you will have the opportunity to increase the interactions of the patients stopping by. For example, you can provide a touchscreen kiosk for the patients to check in, schedule appointments, and see promotional details. When they see that completing these tasks are fast and convenient with the help of technology, the chances of them returning will be increased. There should be some sort of entertainment in the waiting room for the patients – digital boards, for instance. The messages placed on the boards can be either informative or promotional. When there is something to entertain them, the patients will feel that their wait took no time at all!

Strengthen your brand through TV wraps and private label TV

You can add more office promotion through branded TV wraps. Office logos or marketing messages can attract the patients. If you want to take it further, getting a private label TV is another idea that you could try. Why tune into some random channel when you could create your own? This way, you can control the content that you want the patients to see and make a custom playlist that consists of stories about the office, community and charity work. If this is too much of an investment for you at this time, TV programs that will entertain the patients will do just fine.

Provide free WiFi

You might be wondering how can you market by providing free WiFi. Well, it’s simple. When patients access your office WiFi, you should have a sign-up page that allows them to use patient portals. This page is the perfect place to put promotional ads or messages for them to see. When they access the network, you can also ask them to join the email newsletter for more information about office promotions or healthcare tips.

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