How to Choose the Right Location for Your Medical Office

Choosing the right location is an essential step for businesses, homes, and medical practices. The location of your clinic would impact your capacity to attract a patient base. Those who are new to medical practice would also have to increase their reputation by choosing the right place. New York City and its suburbs teem with millions of sick people, which means income for your healthcare business, but your place should be able to attract them to you. 

What are the things you should consider when looking for a new location for your medical office here in New York? 

Your location should be accessible and practical

New York City is famous for its traffic jams, so locating yourself in a 35th-floor condo right in the heart of the city may alienate some of your frail patients. As a medical practitioner, you are the one who should best know the interests and needs of your patients. As such, you need to locate yourself in New York where they can easily reach you. If they have to wait in line, it can turn into a potential tinder box of emotions when they land at your clinic tired from their long trip. 

Revisit the types of patients you want to have because your patient segment would influence your location’s value. If you’re an obstetrician-gynecologist, expect pregnant women to come to your clinic with a heavy load. In some cases, pregnant women will come to you for emergencies. Thus, it is preferable to locate yourself in a roadside area in New York where your women patients can easily access your clinic, especially if their case is urgent. If you’re a pediatrician, you may want to locate your clinic near a theme park or playground. Parents will likely have to deal with children’s tantrums, so placing your clinic near these places would give parents leverage to keep their children behaved. 

The obstetrician and pediatrician scenarios show you how crucial it is for your clinic’s location to meet your patient’s profile. They will thank your empathy with their loyalty and would come by your clinic again for a visit. When looking for a clinic location in New York, try to find a place that will fit your patients’ needs.

Your location should be more prominent than that of your competitors

After you have scouted for multiple places in New York that are suitable for your patients, the next thing to consider is the amount of competition. The ideal place for your clinic is not only one that fits your patients’ needs, but also where competition is limited. For some doctors who practice rare but crucial specializations, such as brain oncology, finding a place with no competition is not hard. For most practitioners and healthcare professionals, however, they have to contend with a saturated place like New York. 

Even if your competitors have taken the good places, you can still correlate your map with population data of communities in New York. You can find and download the data from the U.S. census website. When you overlay a population thematic map on New York, you can see that there are still hundreds of thousands of unserved residents that you can turn into your patient base. For those new to the medical practice, knowing this can give them hope. 

Other Considerations

After considering your patients and competitors, you must consider the presence of strategic facilities, such as nearby hospitals. Rent prices or land or office space prices are other things you have to consider as well.

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