3 Benefits of Using Medical Co-Working Spaces

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing number of coworking spaces hit the market. These shared offices enable freelancers and startup entrepreneurs to launch businesses without having to pay an exorbitant amount for rent and administrative dues. This allows them to cut down costs while boosting their productivity. As the coworking market continues to expand, other types of businesses are looking to piggyback off the trend. One of these industries is the medical field. 

For independent healthcare practitioners, medical coworking spaces are making their way into mainstream locations. As with shared offices, the concept is the same. You share a space with other health providers, but you retain your core business. Mainly, you benefit from having a back-office and clinic without having to pay for everything all by yourself. 

Is this set-up right for your practice? Here are three benefits of this innovative multi-physician solution:

1. Lower startup costs

In the past, doctors looking to open private practices had no option but to rent, furnish, and maintain clinics themselves. Doing so can require a huge capital outlay, especially when you consider all the equipment and specialized tools that go into a medical space. On top of that, one needs to outfit the reception area, back office, and other standard rooms. 

Most independent physicians who are just starting their practice only have a small number of patients. As such, they end up acquiring a sizable debt to pay for their startup bills and operational expenses. Shared medical office spaces are looking to minimize the impact of these expenses by spreading them among their renters. 

2. A more focused approach on healthcare

Established private medical practitioners have a separate administrative team that handles the nitty-gritty part of running a business. These include office jobs such as scheduling appointments, answering inquiries, managing accounts, and maintaining the clinic. Some independent practitioners may not have the resources to hire people for this job. You end up doing these things yourself, instead of focusing on your patients and practice. 

Medical coworking spaces have staff members who run the backend of your business. You can be sure that the clinic is cleaned every day, the reception is handled all the time, and amenities are available for your patients to enjoy. Sharing a space with other physicians removes the stress so you can pay attention to your core service and what truly matters: providing exceptional service to your patients. 

3. Flexible options for your practice

The main drive of medical coworking is that starting doctors get flexible hours that most hospitals don’t offer. Most new doctors have a small client base and can only afford limited operations. They can opt to reserve the space and staff for only a few days a week and only pay for hours they consume. 

They can adjust their plan and add more hours as they get more patients. A coworking space allows them to save money while they position themselves to open a dedicated private clinic. 

Medical coworking is the future of accessible healthcare. It encourages private practice, so patients have more options. Clinicube® offers a fully functional and operational medical space that’s conducive for both doctors and patients. 

If you’re looking for medical co-working space in NYC, get in touch with Clinicube® NYC today! We’re happy to help!

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