How to Make the Most out of Your New Office Space – Our Guide

Has your business recently expanded to the point that you need to transfer and find a new office space? While a transition is a positive change, it can create unwanted stress. Moving an entire office takes much time, resources, and effort. It can be overwhelming at the beginning, which is why planning is essential in making sure that the move goes as smooth as possible. 

Getting your team excited about the new space is important in making them motivated. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your new office space:

1. Personalize the space

Make your space as personal as possible. It should not have solely work-related items: desks, chairs, cabinets, shelves, papers, among others. Consider adding items that have personal meanings to you, items that inspire and motivate you, such as photos of your family, a fine piece of art, or a musical instrument. Art pieces, for example, are not only pleasing to you and everyone in the office, but they are also a great way to showcase the culture of your office.

2. Create an effective and efficient layout

A workplace is not only a reflection of how you work but also of the overall energy of the space. That said, an office layout is more than just cubicles, departments and tasks separated into areas. Having a client walking through piles of paperwork to reach the conference room is not a good impression to make. 

Essential work tools, such as copiers and printers that are installed in noisy areas is not a smart move. Your office layout must best suit your organization styles and means in a way that it serves the needs of your team members and staff so that they will be geared up for efficiency and success upon arriving at work. Give your staff the freedom to re-arrange their desks to the way they want to make their space more efficient.

3. Control color and lighting

Nothing hinders productivity like a poorly lit room or a distracting noise from the outside. Office work greatly involves reading and writing, so having sufficient light is essential. If you have large windows, let the natural light shine through, which is believed to be calmer and softer than fluorescent lighting. 

Position your desk where you can maximize natural lighting to create a more productive atmosphere. Should you find your area too dark, try installing pendant lights to brighten up your space. Having a quiet space is also vital to boost productivity and creativity. Sufficient lighting (both artificial and natural) and minimal noise can have a huge impact on making everyone at the new office feel healthier and be more productive.

Office space is more than just a place where people show up for work. Because you will be spending more than 40 hours a week in that space, you should make sure that it is a space that increases efficiency, fosters collaboration, and inspires creativity. It should not give you a feeling of distress and dread every time you walk into your office space. Make the most of your new space and be responsible for keeping everything in place all throughout.

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