Our Guide to Shared Office Spaces in the Medical Industry – What to Know

Traditional offices are old school compared to remote workplaces and flexible shared workspaces. Being proactive and flexible means you are open to new, modernized ideas that might be more efficient than your old setup. There are so many offices moving to coworking spaces because of all the benefits that come with it. Wondering why you should move your practice into a shared medical space? Keep reading to find out!

Medical Coworking

Going to the doctor is a repetitive process that you’re probably used to. You sign up, wait in the waiting room to be called, get your vitals checked, wait some more, then head into the doctor’s office when you hear your name. Opening a private practice like this can come with many costs and lots of debt. A coworking space can be an alternative to companies that do not want to buy or lease a whole office space. A coworking space will provide meeting rooms, break rooms with coffee and snacks, and offices with all the equipment you might need.

Fully Functional

If you are a physician, you want to be able to decorate your waiting rooms and have a say in the design. You want to have rooms where you will be able to perform medical procedures in-office. You will want the ability to run your offices with full functionality. Because coworking spaces are so flexible, you can provide all the services need for a lower price and at an increased level of convenience. Save your money and time and forget leasing.


Shared office spaces will still allow physicians to practice without the upfront investment that a leased office space would come with. Flexibility in the design, the equipment, and the placement is a good way to give yourself and all your staff the place to do their jobs. If you only need to temporarily occupy a space, you can avoid drawn-out monthly leases and pay for the prorated amount of days where you used the offices. You can do this until you are ready to expand or actually move to a real, rented office space. Everything you or your staff might need will be provided in these spaces for temporary or long-term use.


Because these are shared office spaces, there is more money that goes into it. These spaces will usually offer more luxurious amenities such as plush sofas for patients in the waiting room and lots of perks for staff too. You can find work in better neighborhoods when you’re situated in a shared office, meaning you’ll be able to charge higher rates and enjoy a better workspace. Patients will never know that space is multi-purpose because it will be so functional. It will seem like a normal multi-service medical system. These offices will provide all the office space and essentials you will need.


Coworking spaces are a lot more cost-efficient as well as more flexible in leases and contracts. Because demand for more flexible office spaces are expected to rise as more and more industries recognize their value, they’re sure to become even more affordable in the near future. These types of workplaces will allow for more flexibility and convenience for companies that want to have their needs catered to in high-quality without needing to break the bank or sign long contracts.

Clinicube® is a shared medical office space in New York for physicians and chiropractors. Get in touch today to see how we can help!

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